The way to spot concealed cameras into any hotel room, Airbnb, or your Oyo.

The way to spot concealed cameras into any hotel room, Airbnb, or your Oyo.

Hidden cameras are becoming more problematic with cheap options disguised as everyday objects. While these cameras can be used for legitimate purposes too, like for tracking your home for burglary when you are on vacation or something of the type, they are frequently misused. Hotel rooms are often hiding such tiny hidden cameras which are ready to live-stream footagein the dark.

The issue is not uncommon in many locations. Hidden cameras have been discovered by people booking rooms with providers such as Airbnb and Oyo in their rooms. But if you’re going to stay at a hotel area in a pinch, here is a quick and easy way to spot a camera.

Is a Smartphone.

Switch off all sources of lighting. This includes tube lights, lamps, decorative lighting, and even the television and other screens. Switch these appliances off. Pitch will be perfect.

Open your smartphone camera and point it in dubious places like clocks, shelves, weirdly placed decorative items and some other place you could think of where these cameras may be concealed.

Start looking for white spots. Your eyes will not have the ability to observe those stains but the camera will be able to discover it. Any spots you find can be a camera. Wherever you see these stains, explore thoroughly.

How does this work?

Hidden cameras are usually laced with infrared (IR) blasters that help them see in the dark. IR light cannot be detected. However, cameras hence are able to spot these devices and can detect light from the spectrum.

Remember, the presence of such devices on your rooms is evidence to incriminate your hotel. Take videos of apparatus and report the matter to the authorities.

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